Crema Marfil

A luxurious, textured creamy stone with soft veins of sun-kissed honey, cinnamon and buttermilk tones, Crema Marfil bring warmth to any space. Perfectly suited to bathrooms seeking a softer, elegant finish that pairs perfectly with chrome, brass or gold fittings.

Marble Range

Slab size
3200 x 1600mm
Slab thickness tolerance
Slab weight
Surface finish

7mm Surface

Revolutionary 7mm surface can be installed directly onto your kitchen benchtops or cabinetry.

Design Driven

Our experienced design team will guide you through your kitchen design, and work with you on every detail of your project.

Time Saving

Resurfacing rather than demolishing means you can have a new kitchen in a little as 1-2 days.


Our warranty covers our workmanship for seven years, and 10 years for materials.

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